BioValley Basel - Annual Event



17:00 - 17:50
Roundtable "Repeat Entrepreneurs: How the Start-Up Industry Matures"

Roundtable Moderator Matthias Staehelin, President BioValley, Lead Partner Life Sciences, VISCHER

Oscar Buset is is co-founder of Asterivir (antivirals), MorphoGene (regenerative medicine), and Chairman of Epinar (sleep disorders). Previously, Oscar co-founded Anokion (in clinic), Kimotion (acquired by Magwel), and Snaketech (acquired by Simplex). Oscar also served for a time as adjunct Dean of Engineering at EPFL

Philippe Dro, PhD, MBA, is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Luciole Medical. He served before at the vaccine developer GlycoVaxyn AG as CEO prior to its acquisition by GSK, as CEO of Endoart S.A. acquired by Allergan and a member of the founding team at Axovan, a biotech company, acquired by Actelion.


Roger Meier is co-founder and has served as board member of many Switzerland based venture companies. He has been supporting them from incubation throughout their whole life cycle (e.g. ACTHERA, CELLESTIA, KINARUS, VERSAMEB etc.).


Sai Reddy is a Professor at ETH Zürich in the D-BSSE in Basel and recently co-founded two companies based on technologies developed in his academic research lab: deepCDR Biologics for antibody drug discovery and engineering using machine learning (acquired by Alloy Therapeutics in 2021), and Engimmune Therapeutics for T cell receptor-based cancer immunotherapies.


17:50 - 18:20
Company Presentations: Dimericon Therapeutics AG and PB&B SA

Dimericon Therapeutics AG is developing first-in-class precision oncology medicines. The company was founded in 2021 by a team of experienced biotech executives and employs a novel therapeutic modality and a unique discovery engine to tackle notoriously evasive protein-protein interaction targets. DimericonTx's lead program is focusing on re-activation of extrinsic apoptosis in selected heme and solid tumors.

PB&B SA is a Swiss specialty Life Sciences startup developing a novel injectable technology for aesthetic doctors to remodel face & body. Developed in collaboration with an international team of bioengineers, plastic surgeons & dermatologists - PB&B platform technology renders 1/3 of plastic surgery procedures both natural & non-surgical. Commercial/Regulatory strategy prioritized facial injection as 1st to market.

18:20 - 19:00
Networking & Apéro


Novartis Pavillon

St. Johanns-Hafen-Weg, 5, Basel
4056 Basel